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Red Admiral Butterflies are hard to shoot. They are fast and quick!

I rotated this picture, since I actually shot this Red Admiral 90 degrees with the vertical fence orientation. I am slowly growing my garden oasis to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Since we are sheltering in place, we take my 99 year old mother-in-law to our yard so she can walk around in safety. She spotted this butterfly. So I used my Pixel 3XL to shoot this photo. I love my camera on the Pixel 3XL. But there are limitations on what it can do. I do love Red Admiral Butterflies. So I’m glad I managed to get a few shots before the butterfly left our garden. I hope to be more prepared to shoot with my Canon camera to get better photographs of the Red Admirals.

My wife remembered the expression – “Butterflies are free”. But she did not remember where she heard it from. I Googled it and found out it is an old movie and play from around 1972. Goldie Hawn was in this old movie.

Butterflies are free info

It is nice to remember when we had the freedom to go anywhere anytime. Now we need to be safe and remain at home as much as we can. So when I watched this butterfly frolic around our plants, I was a little envious of its freedom.

We are spending more time on video chat meetings with family and friends. We met recently with my parents and brother. They wanted to wish me a “Happy Birthday”. Bad events seem to happen around my birthday – like this pandemic.

But we are gathering a little more with family as a result of the pandemic. It is bringing us together more. My brother is an employee at our Bay Area supermarket chain. He is a cashier at the supermarket. In the past, we would consider this job as no-risk. It normally is pretty stress free.

Now, a cashier, at a supermarket, is encountering many people. Who knows which of these individuals could be infected with COVD-19 and not be aware they are spreading the virus. Who would think this job could become stressful and risky.

Most supermarkets have installed plexiglass barriers in front of the cashiers. But my brother is upset since the plexiglass is not providing enough protection. Many customers will not remain behind the plexiglass. They often will go to the side of the plexiglass to communicate to the cashiers. My brother is wearing a mask and gloves. But he is concerned about the possibility of catching the virus and bringing it home to my parents.

Unfortunately, we all are not free like the butterflies. I am fortunate to be able to work at home. My wife is able to work her job at home.

But my brother is forced to go to work and be at risk at the supermarket. He doesn’t even have a little booth to be imprisoned in for protection from the customers.

When we go to the supermarket, can we all please be considerate of the cashiers? Can we only talk to the cashiers from behind the plexiglass? Can we thank them for their service? Can we try to keep our distance?

One day, we will hopefully be as free as the butterflies. But until that day, can we be considerate to keep our distance from the supermarket cashiers?

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