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Candlestick Park with the Sky Box at the top.

Candlestick Park with the Sky Box at the top.

I shot this Candlestick Park photograph during the 1991 SF Giants baseball season. I am hoping there will be a MLB season for 2020. There are still a few months where this could be a possibility.

It is hard to believe that it has been 5 years since Candlestick Park has been demolished. Some fans commented to me in reality Candlestick Park was an old stadium that was runned down. Yes this is true. The Stick needed to be replaced, and we needed an updated stadium to watch the SF Giants.

I also received comments that my photographs show off the highlights of the Stick. The pictures make Candlestick Park look better than it looked. Thank you for those compliments. To make an object appear at its best is an important goal for a photographer.

I shot Candlestick Park at its best during the various baseball games. I also shot Candlestick Park at its worst during its demolition period. I am so glad I have a large collection of images of the Stick during its life. I even sacrificed my safety and my camera equipment when I was mugged during the demolition.

So I possess a wide range of emotions when I think about Candlestick Park. Even with the bad memories, the good times still warm my heart. I have great memories of my father taking me to Candlestick Park to watch the SF Giants. I had the best times with my friends and family at the Stick.

What are you doing at home since we are sheltering in place? Maybe you can look at old pictures to bring back old memories. You could organize photos into an online or an actual album.

I know my memories molded me into who I am today.

Can you look back at old pictures to see how your past created who you are today?

Photographs are good reminders!