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How many of us had the privilege to be at Willie Mays’ 75th birthday celebration at AT&T Park? We are blessed we can celebrate Willie’s 89th birthday on May 6, 2020.

This was a fun time back on his 75th birthday! The 75 on the field was his cake. It was huge! We could witness him speak on his special day.

There was a colorful array of balloons released after Willie Mays spoke!

Willie Mays is my favorite baseball player. Why is he my favorite?

  • He is a 5 tool baseball player – meaning he possessed speed, power, hitting for average, fielding, and arm strength.
  • He is an Army veteran who served our country during the Korean War. He missed most of the season in 1952 and missed all of the 1953 season. Willie played baseball at Fort Eustis in Virginia during most of his service in the Army.
  • Even with all his honors and awards, he is just the “Say Hey” kid.

I admire Willie Mays for his humility even with all his accomplishments and awards. He is a real icon for us to look up to. Often times in our society, we are disappointed with the selfish motives from our country’s leaders or popular celebrities. But Willie Mays is the real thing. He is authentic and real.

I love the story where he charged $100 per an on-air interview. The normal charge was $25 for that era. He charged the $100 so he could split the money 4 ways with the last 4 players on the Giants’ roster.

Willie Mays is an unselfish man to admire in the midst of our self-centered society.

These photos show us a great man – Willie Mays!