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I was at the very top of the upper deck seats at Oracle Park almost a year ago. This was the second game I attended for the season. As is my custom, I went early to the game to shoot Oracle Park. This is an interesting shot from the left field corner. Unfortunately, the SF Giants did not have a good season last year. The SF Giants lost this game to the D-backs. The D-backs won 18-2. So this was the last game I attended. I was too discouraged to attend any other games.

Little did I realize that I would not be able to attend any SF Giants game this 2020 baseball season. No one would ever guess that we would not have any type of sports competition to entertain us.

This picture almost depicts a prediction of our current situation of an empty Oracle Park stadium.

I typically enjoy the solitude of taking pictures of a baseball stadium before all the fans arrive.

Now when I look at an empty baseball stadium, it makes me sad how our life has changed so dramatically. We cannot freely go out any place at any time. We need to shelter in place to protect ourselves from the virus and also not bring home COVD-19 to infect our family members. I am helping to take care of my 99 year old mother-in-law. It seems like our new normal is constantly evolving as our society learns more about this virus.

Nevertheless, I am thankful so far, all my family is healthy. I am thankful that we do not have any financial needs. I am grateful for the many video chats with family and friends to feel connected and not isolated.

Lastly, I am looking forward to the day when I can shoot Oracle Park with a full stadium of SF Giants fans, and we can cheer on this team I am currently missing.

Photos allow us to contemplate!