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When was the last time you sat at Oracle Park to watch the SF Giants play? It seems like it will be a long time before any of us will be allowed to return to watch baseball live at the stadium.

I cannot imagine how it will be to sit in the seats with social distancing. It will not be the same to sit in these seats without brushing elbows with other baseball fans next to us.

We all miss not listening and watching the progress of live games this season for the SF Giants. Entertaining ourselves with past games is nice, but I miss the unpredictability of a live game.

Whenever they open baseball season and allow fans in the stands, I may or may not attend any live games. I would rather stay home where it is safe to watch on the TV. I feel for the baseball industry. There are the loyal fans who will adjust to sit at Oracle Park with social distancing.

I would eventually love to attend a live game when it is safe. It may be this fall or next year. Either way, I will be ready to attend a live game. It will be extra special when they do allow fans in the stands for a game.

Unfortunately, this empty stadium depicts the current status of baseball.

At least, I have this picture to remind me what Oracle Park looks like since I probably will not return for a while.

Photos make us ponder what will be.