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Welcome to the upper deck in the right field corner where the splash cam is located. Whenever a home run or foul ball is hit into McCovey Cove, this is the TV camera that follows the flight of the ball.

It is still unknown when the SF Giants will return to Oracle Park to play any baseball. With our ever changing COVD-19 environment, we can only guess when we will see baseball again.

We will be fortunate if we can even watch a new game on TV, since it will be highly unlikely we will be attending a game at Oracle Park.

I was roaming around Oracle Park before an SF Giants game and climbed up to the View Box level to photograph this tv camera.

I’m glad I took advantage of my freedom to enjoy the empty Oracle Park and shoot these pictures. I never would imagine that all of us would be banned from going to a SF Giants game for who knows how long.

My Stay At Home experience has taught me to be grateful for our past freedoms. Our assumptions about our enjoyment opportunities today can be changed in the future depending on our circumstances. It is possible our former way of life will be quite different in the future.

I imagine whenever we are able to return to watch the SF Giants at Oracle Park will be a different experience compared to our past trips to the ballpark.

Make the most of our daily moments.

Having a grateful attitude will allow us to embrace difficulties and future changes in our future.

Photos are good teachers.