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We traveled to visit several national parks for a fun family road trip a few years ago. My father loves road trips. My parents planned this trip based on a previous trip to several beautiful spots. They had good vacation memories of the sites and wanted to share their experience with the rest of the family.

Visiting Death Valley was wonderful. I’ve never visited a desert previously.

We stayed at Longstreet Inn & Casino in Amargosa Valley, NV, which is 37 miles away from the Death Valley National Park East Entrance. It was a nice place to stay and we ate most of our meals there. I enjoyed the food at the restaurant and the service was excellent.

Going to Dante’s View was a windy experience as because of its elevation at 5,475 ft above see level. It overlooks Badwater Basin which is 282 ft below see level which is the lowest point  in North America. We went in the late afternoon when it was a little cooler.

This view point is a great way to see an overview of the Valley.

In the picture you can see what the terrain looks like. Since the sun was setting, you can see the shadows from the hills.

I love the tumbleweeds. Tumbleweeds have always been a favorite for me. Watching them get blown about is fun.

It reminds me how being free to go where ever the wind blows is a nice experience. Not having a care in the world and feeling free from obligations is something we all would like for a break.

Looking at the dry and huge terrain does remind me of freedom. Seeing the rolling hills in the hot heat is surprisingly refreshing.

In the midst of our sheltering in place and demonstrations for an end of unfair police brutality does make me want a break from our daily stress. It does make me want to roam out into the dry heat of the desert for a short time instead of the stressful heat we have into today’s world.

Photos allow us to escape easily.