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We traveled to Bryce Canyon National Park on a road trip 4 years ago. My parents previously visited this park and wanted to share their experience with the rest of the family.

These crimson-colored towering rock formations are called “Hoodoos”.

These hoodoos remind me of little villages or towns with the different groupings.

We hiked to examine the hoodoos from a lookout point. We went to few places to enjoy these little towns of hoodoos. It is interesting to enjoy the close communities of hoodoos. The crimson, red and pink variations in colors are fantastic.

These hoodoo towns remind me how our communities and relationships seem to be growing closer.

Peaceful demonstrations are pleading for black lives and bringing all people together.

Pandemic procedures and practices have kept us separate yet together via video chats and various social media mediums. Our friends and relatives contact us via text, emails and phone calls. Our neighbors contact us to check in on our family. Recently, we were happy to deliver items and help our neighbor with their Costco needs.

Our nation is examining who we are as a nation. We are divided by many issues.

Who do we think we should become?

Hoodoos can remind us of close towering communities which stick together. The variation of sizes and colors standing together is a good goal for our future.

My prayer is that we learn to forgive and move forward to find unity. Is there any way we can extend Grace to others.

Grace is not earned nor even deserved. It is a necessary ingredient to obtain unity.

Photos inspire!