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About 3 years ago, I visited my buddy at Rolling Ridge Conference Center in North Andover, Massachusetts. I enjoyed my visit touring around Boston and the near-by towns. I spent a week here and enjoyed the quiet scenery at this center.

This conference center is the perfect enchanting refuge to get away from life’s worries.

See the glimmer of Lake Cochichewick thru the trees. The trees provide wonderful shade to keep cool from the sun.

We all can appreciate the quietness of these surroundings. This is the perfect place to meditate and refocus one’s priorities.

Today we all are concerned with the world’s affairs of a pandemic and racism. The world is seeking to eradicate both diseases.

Most of us are tired of all this stress. It is attractive to contemplate about achieving an escape and to find a refuge to relax.

We all need to spend time to focus on God and His Creation to destress and let go of our worries. This is the perfect place to run and escape.

Focusing on the Creator and His nature allows us to realize how great He is.

Considering to travel to retreat? Yes, consider a short trip to a location where one could feel safe and secure. Many of us may not feel safe to hop on an airplane. But consider where you can go which is closer to home. Since businesses are opening, where can you go to relax and regroup?

Our country’s problems with the pandemic and racism can be resolved over time. But in the meantime, ponder how to take a break in nature.

If you reside in Massachusetts, consider spending a day or two at Rolling Ridge to discover the quietness of nature and rest.

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