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O'Doul Gate near McCovey Cove

I shot this photograph of Oracle Park about a year ago as I was going to watch a SF Giants game. Little did I realize that this baseball stadium would be closed for these past months of the 2020 Baseball season.

Latest info from CBS Sports on Opening Day for 2020 Baseball

Major League Baseball announced a 60-game season to begin July 23 or 24 with spring (really summer) training to begin on July 1.

Even with this new announcement, I am not convinced about the actual date for Opening Day.

In California, the news indicates cases of the Coronvirus are still rising. We have not reached a clear plateau or even a consistent decline in the cases. So I do not feel confident about exactly how the baseball season will play out.

I do not feel confident about much these days. I do not know if I should socialize physically with friends with social distancing. My family has not gathered for Mother’s or Father’s Day. We are just meeting via video chats.

Gazing at this old photograph of Oracle Park does calm me down to remember how things were a year ago compared to now. It reminds me to have faith that one day we will be able to go to a baseball game without wearing a mask. We will be able to yell and scream “Go Giants” without worrying that we will infect anyone with this virus.

We know there will be a resolution of this virus. These times are teaching us to be patient in prayer.

That’s all we really can do in addition to staying away from people, wearing our masks and gloves.

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