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I enjoy shooting photographs of empty baseball stadiums. Here’s Oracle Park in San Francisco before a game. Too bad we cannot go into the Oracle Park now to wander around an empty stadium.

Oracle Park is ideally situated in front of the San Francisco Bay to provide a wonderful view.

An empty stadium has always been a refuge for me to wander around in. My goal is to find unique vantage spots to see the stadium in different angles. I quickly seek to walk all over the stadium and shoot as much as I can before the fans arrive.

A photographer needs to study the object he seeking to capture.

When I was in school, I was not good at doing my homework nor studying. No matter how hard I tried, it was always a struggle for me in school. I kept trying to figure out what I would be my expertise in school and later in college. The subjects I loved did not really translate to my school curriculum.

I discovered my love for photography during trips to China. These trips occurred before digital cameras. I took many pictures with a lot of rolls of film. I’m thankful for these trips since it led me to complete my college education at the Academy of Art in San Francisco where I earned a degree in Fine Art Photography.

I learned that it pays to keep seeking out your passions. I am still learning that studying the subjects which I love to shoot photos should not stop. Rather, a good photographer needs to keep shooting to capture that unusual and interesting shot to make the audience go “Ahhh”!

As I look at this empty Oracle Park, it is preparing me to hopefully be able to watch the SF Giants playing on the fields with these empty seats.

It will definitely not be the same without hearing the cheers, and instead just hearing the plays.

Photos Prepare our Expectations.