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Sorry, there is no current announcement about any San Francisco Giants fans being physically present at Oracle Park. 

Instead, fans who hold season tickets can send their image which will be placed on a cutout to display is the stands. Fans who do not have season tickets can pay $99 to display their cutout image in the stands.

ESPN Article about Plans to display SF Giants Fans pictures in the stands

This photo is not a current year picture at Oracle Park with individuals exercising social distancing. I shot this photo last year before a game, so there are fewer people in the stadium. But this photo is an eerie prediction of what it could look like if we have to social distance to watch the SF Giants play.

I do not plan to pay $99 to display a cardboard version of myself in the stands, even with the waterproof protection.

I do not need to feel as if my presence is in Oracle Park. 

I do need to experience the fun and the agony of watching the SF Giants play.

It will be interesting to see how many cardboard images will be propped up at Oracle Park. It will be a strange display of die hard fans who are mourning their loss of being at a live game.

But of course 2020 will be known as a strange and difficult year as we wait for the demise of COVID-19.

This picture is helping me to prepare for our future if we will be practicing social distancing while watching the SF Giants.

We never know how a photo could depict a future scenario and scene.

Photos predict possibilities.