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It is really interesting and fun to watch the meticulous work the grounds crew performs before, during, and after games. These photos were shot last year. Unfortunately, I cannot observe any current preparations at Oracle Park if the SF Giants are actually going to play 2020 season baseball with our current stay at home orders. We all hope we can see baseball soon at Oracle Park.

Observing how meticulously the white lines are marked on the field to define the boundaries reminds me of their necessity. These days we are practicing social distancing. People are tense if someone gets in their space, to the point of coughing, screaming and other wrong behaviors.  As in baseball, the boundaries define if the ball hit is fair or foul. The marks around home plate defines the batter’s box for left and right handed hitters as well as the where the catcher is suppose to field their position when a pitcher pitches.  Boundaries can define our success or failures.

Watching the spraying of the field is cool too. It is nice to see the dirt on the field wet to provide better play-ability. The dirt’s saturation of water can determine if a batted ball bounces more or not. It also has a factor when the players are running or sliding into a base. The moisture weighs down the dirt, so there is less dust flying.

Interesting article about a groundskeeper’s experiences on watering dirt

Keeping the dirt wet is not just on the surface but also through the surface as mentioned in the article link above.

Baseball is played in accordance to the boundaries, moist dirt ground, and well groomed field makes for an enjoyable game experience. The players can enjoy playing the game they love. The fans can enjoy any ground balls speeding out into the field or as the runners advance around the bases.

Kudos to the ground keepers who orchestrate the maintenance of the baseball fields, so we can enjoy baseball.

We need to respect our physical boundaries in our COVID-19 environment. The demonstration of selfish or self-righteous behavior in relation to social distancing or not wearing a facial mask is disturbing. Our current pandemic situation is alarming, but is there a way each of us can play a part to make our circumstances better for everyone?

Can we be “ground keepers” to allow for a winning game in our pandemic dilemma?

Photos make us ponder our circumstances!