Here’s one of my Dwarf Sungold Sunflowers with a bumblebee gathering pollen on its legs as it dances around the circumference of the flower.

I shot this video with my macro lens. Notice the detail of the bee’s wings as well as his bright yellow stripes.

I tried to use my tripod initially. But it was hard to be mobile to quickly catch the bumblebee move from flower to flower.

I am just starting to learn how to enjoy my garden environment which I have been designing, so I can shoot photos and videos safely at home.

It’s amazing to watch how the bumblebee jumps around the flower and naturally collects the pollen on its legs as it is also getting nectar.

I have been observing the bees come to the flowers under certain conditions. We need bees to pollinate the flowers to create the pretty blooms. The bees are wonderful to use the nectar to make honey for their hives. They are so productive in the creation of beauty and sweetness.

Stay tuned as I continue to share my shots from my garden and more bumblebee dances.

We can be inspired by this bee that we need to create beauty and sweetness to help others during this pandemic period of staying at home.

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