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Do you remember being at AT&T Park back in 2016? Here’s a picture I shot behind home plate when Oracle Park was AT&T Park.

It’s interesting to remember all the different names of the same baseball stadium where the SF Giants have been playing since the leaving Candlestick Park in 1999.

Looking down at the baseball field is always a surreal experience. I never get tired of shooting photographs of baseball stadiums.

I do love looking out at the San Francisco Bay behind AT&T Park.

Now we are at home watching the SF Giants and are unable to watch live games, it is interesting how there are a few hard core fans who want to be close to the team when they are at home. Even though they cannot see anything, they enjoy sailing outside the stadium just to be close to the team they love. Fans are seeking stability.

Even though the AT&T Park name no longer exists, it’s good to know the stadium and the SF Giants are stable during our pandemic times. We need stability when the virus events are in constant flux.

Uncertainty seeks certainty.

Keeping reminders to help us find security are important.

What makes us feel better during our uncertain times?

Baseball and the SF Giants make us feel better!

Reminders of the past give us good memories.

Display memorable photos to feel better.