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We’ve been sheltering in place since mid March. We only go out to buy food. So what do we do for fun?

I have been learning about what grows in the foggy part of San Francisco. I tried to choose plants that did not need a lot of sun. I wanted flowers to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Lately, when I can find a slot of time, I sit in the garden with my big zoom lens waiting for the creatures to visit the flowers in my garden.

As i have been tending the garden, I noticed a particular hummingbird coming around me. The bird seems to be checking me out. Perhaps it is trying to see who I am and if I am friendly. It seems the same bird visits the yard.

When I go out with my camera gear, I try to be quiet and still to not scare away the creatures. I’ve sat for a few hours to observe the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds as they come and go.

Currently, the Bay Area is getting a heat wave. I went to the yard hoping to take advantage of the better lighting. Our typical summer in San Francisco is a lot of grey skies and fog. Not the best lighting to capture good pictures.

So I was waiting and hoping to see my flying friends. Unfortunately, the weather was even too hot for them to exert much energy to visit my flowers.

This hummingbird came by about 2 weeks ago.

His pointed wings are just perfectly spread out as he drinks the flower nectar. I can identify with his joy in drinking the sweet nectar. He is perfectly posing for this photograph.

So how did I manage to get the hummingbird to pose?

I am hoping this bird is feeling comfortable and safe with me. He’s visiting and watching me. He sees me just hanging out quietly in the yard. He can sense I like him.

The secret to get the hummingbird or any subject to pose is to make him feel secure and comfortable. Spending time together seems to make the bird accustomed to seeing me in the yard.

Hummingbirds will pose when they like you!

Good photos come from happy hummingbirds!