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Candlestick Park photographs in a video format displaying different Photoshop Premiere Elements Transitions! Remember Candlestick Park in black and white.

One of the lessons we learned during this Pandemic is how to celebrate together even though we are separated.

So we produced a video production with photographs and videos provided by our family, friends and relatives to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 100th birthday. It was totally worth the effort in learning how to do this with Photoshop Premiere Elements.

Gathering the digital files and sharing the video with everyone allowed us to connect with our people who resided physically close or across the continent. We communicated verbally via phone or video chats. We shared moments also thru our emails. People asked others to join in on our celebration and fun. We were amazed how connections grew.

We are sharing our lessons learned in this production.

As per our previous post, we ended up adding our digital files manually via the “Quick” Option in Photoshop Premiere Elements – selecting the “Video Editor”.

Go to the “Video Editor” in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020. Then on the top with the choices – “Quick” “Guided” “Expert” — select Quick.

Then add either a video or a photo in each rectangular frame. Hit the down arrow to select the video or photo from a drive.

In the editor, there are a good choice of transitions to add between photographs and videos in a production.

You can add the same transition between your clips. Or you can use your imagination how you want to arrange your clips with which transitions or no transition. The time for the transition span can be adjusted too.

My wife wanted movement variety between the frames. So she wanted to randomly add different transitions between clips. Transitions make the video interesting.

Adding a transition is easy. The user just hits the option for transitions. Views the choices. Selects a transition and drag it between the 2 clips. Test and see if you like the transition. There were a couple we did not like. It is easy to replace the transition by just deleting and dragging another one to the spot between the frames.

What is the most important lesson we learned about transitions?

The most important lesson we learned – is to put in all the clips into the timeline editor in the correct order. Watch the production to confirm the order is correct. Make sure you included all the files into your production before adding any transitions.

Why? Well if you make changes in the order or your clips, add new clips, or move clips around, the original transitions will be deleted when you make changes in your clip order and movement. Then you will need to add again the transitions after they are deleted. You will need to check thru your footage to see what transitions were deleted.

One of our friends had a lot of photographs they wanted us to add. It was late in the game, when she was sending us the files. We were adding and moving clips around and noticing the transitions were disappearing. We knew we added them previously, and thought we were getting forgetful.

If you choose to add transitions, then add them only after the completion of putting in all your files to the timeline.

Our life in California has taught us about constant transitions due to COVID-19 such as changes in our shopping habits, vacations (or really for us – no traveling), working at home, staying at home and now the big fires contributing to our bad air.

To create a fun video, transitions will add variety to a production. They are easy to do when done towards the end of your editing.

Fun Pandemic videos with interesting transitions will help us to endure the physical life transitions in 2020.

Make memories with photos and videos!