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Photo taken on 9/9/20 at 12:31 pm.
My Orange backyard. There was no filter used in shooting these photos. Photo taken at 9:46 am.
The sky actually was more orange than this photograph shows. Unfortunately, cameras are not perfect in capturing the exact color of what we actually see. Photo taken at 9:41 am.

2020 keeps giving us the unexpected.

On September 9, 2020, we arose in the morning to orange dark skies. My wife rolls out of bed before 7 am to work remotely at her job via her laptop. We have been dismayed how our PG&E bill has been rising since she has been working at home. So we are trying to be more energy minded about turning on lights. But this morning was very dark, and we needed to turn on lights. We were pinching ourselves in disbelief about how it was dark all day.

We kept looking out the window amazed at the orange haze in the sky. The stillness of the day was alarming. It was hard to believe how the atmosphere seemed to get darker in the morning instead of getting brighter.

I had to go out in the backyard on this strange morning to shoot photographs to remember this orange day. I used my Canon to shoot in the backyard. The picture was shot out of our front window with my Pixel 3XL.

These photographs remind me of “sepia tone” which a photographer uses to get a nostalgic or warm look. This effect can be done via Photoshop. These photos depict our natural “sepia tone”.

Learn about Sepia Tone via Photoshop

The eerie solitude in these images are perfect to reflect the emotions of 2020. The pandemic fears and anxiety are still ongoing as society is beginning to open for business. Social injustice and BLM protests prevail with recorded incidents repeated exhibited on social and news media. Lastly, the West Coast is plagued with an abundance of fires which gives us extremely bad air and our Orange Wednesday.

Fortunately our Orange Wednesday did not turn into Orange Thursday. Though the air quality was actually worse from Thursday to Saturday.

Our Orange Haze Wednesday made it hard for all of us to focus on anything else other than our alien scenery.

Our 2020 experiences are teaching us about endurance no matter what we see, hear or learn. Let’s hold on tight for the ride. The year is not over yet!

Photos record our Orange Experiences!