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Fall is right around the corner and change is in the air. This Sugar Maple Leaf is transitioning from green to red to start the change of colors from Fall Foliage.

Last year, we were fortunate to go back and visit Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. This is a border town between Michigan and Ontario. My mother-in-law was born in this town. She did not grow up there, since she was sent to China at the age of 5.

During my first visit to the “Soo”, my wife’s cousins encouraged me to pursue my photography again. I was a professional photographer for a electronic corporate company until it went out of business. Even though my college degree is in Fine Art photography, I assumed it would be too difficult for me to go back to my first love. Interestingly, I fell in love with the fall scenery in this locale. So I wanted to return to not only see the changing colors, but to visit our relatives who encouraged me to do my first photo show and pursue my photography again.

Little did I know 2020 would be a year our family would not be traveling anywhere due to the pandemic. We reside with my senior mother-in-law, so we are extra careful to stay healthy.

I love this leaf with the transitioning colors. It reminds me how life is about transitions. Our world is transitioning with this pandemic, social injustices and issues and the fires which are abundant in the western United States.

This leaf shows me that transitions can produce beauty. This leaf will transition to a pure red color and will be vibrant in appearance.

I am hoping as our lives are in transition, we will also see beauty and a more vibrant era after we endure these difficult times.

Photos teach us to hope in midst of transitions.