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I have seen Bumble Bees fly but did not know they look like a flying round teddy bears until I photographed them in mid-air. They look really cool being so round and having their short legs showing on the bottom. This Bumble Bee was flying toward my Lavender plant.

Notice the dark fragile wings of this bee. They look so thin. Yet these wings enable the bee to fly long distances and quickly. A bee can fly fast or hover over flowers to retrieve the nectar.

The bee’s fuzzy yellow top and bottom makes it stand out. We all need brightness in our lives. The black body has a little bit of a sheen in its appearance.

What can we learn from the flight of the Bumble Bee? 

The weak looking wings of the Bumble Bee are actually quite powerful to enable the bee to travel great distances.

The Bumble Bee is very small in size, but it can bring bad pain to anyone of us with it’s stinger.

It is possible for the weak things to shame the strong.

So do not underestimate individuals who seem weak?

Do not allow our pride to ignore those who appear weak. The “weak” will teach us the meaning of strength.

Find strength in our weaknesses!

Photos Teach!