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This Bumble Bee had plenty of pollen on his head, legs, and body. He really enjoyed getting into this flower and collecting all the pollen.

If you have an imagination, the bee looks like he landed on a strange planet with green fuzzy protective extremities. The planet has yellow and brown creatures which the bee hover over.

Imagination is important to develop for creativity. We need to imagine scenarios to develop solutions to the problems in our world.

I believe answers exists for impossible situations. We just need to imagine to see the possible solutions. If one possibility fails, this is perfectly ok.

Through our failures, we eliminate possibilities to move on to another idea.

This bee is collecting the pollen to feed his hive group. He is seeking to help his family association.

Collecting ideas and sharing thoughts is important to develop solutions.

Let’s collect and share to develop answers for the problems we face.

Photos Teach!