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I have always admired scoreboards at ballparks. The first scoreboard I saw as a kid was at Candlestick Park. It was really cool to see the scoreboard in person as a kid.

The incredible 4K Display Mitsubishi Electric Scoreboard installed at Oracle Park in 2019 is a marvel to behold and sets the standards for scoreboards across Major League Baseball. It is the benchmark for scoreboards.

I attended this SF Giants vs Arizona D-Backs game on 5/24/19. I thought I only attended opening day in 2019 and forgot I also attended this second game. Good thing I took these shots to remember I was there.

As my custom, I enjoy walking around the ballpark taking pictures before the game starts. The new 4K scoreboard in 2019 was quite a sight to see. In addition to showing various images and advertising upcoming SF Giants events in the center of the scoreboard, there are of course the advertisements from the various local corporations.

I am a fan of slogans. I like what Charles Schwab’s slogan on the scoreboard – “Own your tomorrow”. Of course, Charles Schwab wants us to prepare for retirement and invest for our future which is very good advice. Back in May 2019, little did we know what we would be dealing with sheltering in place and a pandemic a year later in May 2020.

There was little the average person could do to prepare for a pandemic in terms of battling a virus the doctors and scientists are attempting to understand.

But we can heed the advice to “Own your tomorrow”. This pandemic is teaching us to prepare for the unexpectant. Looking at situations and problems from different angles can provide solutions.

I love photographing the scoreboard at Oracle Park from different areas of the stadium and angles. Our normal perspective would be to look straight on to the scoreboard. But when you look at the scoreboard from different locations and angles, you see the view differently.

If we attempt to view our pandemic problems from different perspectives, maybe we can find our pandemic solutions in an unexpectant manner.

We do need to “Own our tomorrow” to prepare for the unexpected events. We need to utilize our imaginations to create solutions for our pandemic problems. We need to view our world from all angles to understand our issues.

Take Photos from different angles to see clearly!