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It has been over a year since I was at Oracle Park. I went to the last Opening Day Game with fans in attendance with my cousin in 2019. I appreciate my cousin who periodically invites me to join her in watching the SF Giants at Oracle Park. I usually bring in my favorite burrito into Oracle Park or I buy a chicken sandwich. We signed up to not drink alcohol and get a free soda or hot chocolate drink. My cousin loves to enjoy her Ghirardelli hot chocolate sundae.

Our mutual enjoyment of watching the SF Giants gives us an excuse to have a good time of fellowship and talk about our lives.

In addition to the food and fellowship at Oracle Park, I love the new scoreboard. It was cool how Oracle Park upgraded the scoreboard to the Mitsubishi Electric 4K Display in 2019. It is super clear and big.

My photographs shows the detail in this 4K display. The pictures of the SF Giants players are pretty sharp. We always have our eyes on the baseball field, but we also need to see the stats, the different videos, acknowledgements for the fans’ special celebrations and the fun games. The scoreboard is the second object fans closely watch when not watching the details of the game.

It is true – bigger is better for a scoreboard. It is also true 4K gives us the best clarity in the images, videos and details of the stats.

Thank you Oracle Park for upgrading your scoreboard, so the fans can have a better experience attending the games.

The big question is when will we be able to return to Oracle Park to watch the SF Giants live.

Will we be able to attend Opening Day in 2021?

I am glad to have these photographs to remind me how nice the 4K scoreboard is.

Keep photos to remember!