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I really enjoy watching and photographing Hummingbirds flying into our garden to take a sip from our flowers. The top photograph shows the Hummingbird’s wings in a cool formation that looks like the Cherubim’s Wing on top of the Ark of the Covenant.

The second photo of the hummingbird sipping the sweet nectar from the red flower is a good side view. The wings look perfectly pointed out to stay in position in front of the flower.

The hummingbird seems to enjoy visiting me in the backyard. I will be tending to the plants and flowers when I hear the bird approaching. It will get close to me and almost touch. He seems to be checking me out. I am careful not to move abruptly and to allow the bird to approach. I am slowly learning how to allow this bird to interact with me.

It is exhilarating to have my hummingbird encounters. I wonder how Adam interacted when he first saw the newly created animals and birds in the Garden of Eden. How did he decided on what to call the many creatures. I wish I could have watched the expression on his face as he encountered and name each creature.

It is amazing when the birds come close to watch me and see if it is safe to approach.

It reminds me how we need to be approachable to people. There are people which offend us with their words and actions. But how do people see me? Am I approachable? Do I cause other people to feel uncomfortable by my persona? Or do people feel relaxed around me?

Hopefully, since the hummingbirds are coming to me, people find me non-threatening and will also feel at ease with me.

Making people feel comfortable is important especially due to our pandemic era. We have enough stress in our world and thus should not be a source of stress to others.

Enjoy photos to relax!