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I took this picture a little more than a year ago when we visited my wife’s relatives in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. We were too early for the peak of the Fall Foliage there, but I did see the beginning of the changes. I took this picture on the Hub Trail in Sault Ste Marie. My love for the diverse colors of fall leaves never gets old. I can spend endless hours shooting photographs and looking at the various leaves.

Unfortunately, I live where there is little change, when it becomes fall. Due to the pandemic, we do not go anywhere other than doing necessary errands like grocery shopping.

We went up to Sault Ste Marie last fall on a whim. We even thought about the possibilities of meeting our relatives in the spring to see other sites. Little did we know a pandemic would restrict our activity and travel.

When I shoot leaves, I seek to shoot with a dark background to show off the colors. It is important to take advantage of contrast to optimize your photo.

This lesson applies to life. We need to optimize our moments in life. This pandemic teaches us to appreciate our “now” time. Be present in your moments. We do need to prepare for the future and the unpredictable predicaments. Making most of “now” means being creative to find solutions for today’s problems. Finding new ways for fun during our “now” time is a necessity.

Feel free to share your new fun ways during this “now” pandemic time.

Learn life lessons from photographs!