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Our neighborhood Honey Bee was busy getting nectar for her hive and pollinating our Lavender Plant. It is pretty fascinating examining the flight of the honey bee. The eyes of the bee are pretty big. It’s wings seem so thin yet are powerful for the fast flights.

I get energized sitting in my backyard to find good shots of the 3 B’s — Bees, Butterflies and Birds (basically hummingbirds). I am learning patience as I sit in my chair looking out for these buddies who are also getting to know me. They are trying to figure out if they can trust me. Unfortunately, my big lens is intimidating to the hummingbirds. I notice the hummingbirds come more frequently if I do not have the big camera lens around my neck.

I am trying to learn how to gain the trust of the hummingbirds. I try to be still when they fly close to me. I am trying to wear colors which will not be offensive to them. I watch my actions so not to scare them away.

This is also a lesson in life. Do our actions allow for people to trust us? I am trying to attract these critters to my garden and me, so I can shoot photos. Can we seek to show our integrity and genuine concern to others, so they will feel comfortable to seek help and advice for us? Some may think it is better to not be involved in other people’s lives. People are too much work. It is easier to just have a small pod of people. Yes we can only see a small pod of people of the pandemic. In reality our sphere should not just be limited to our pandemic pod.  But our sphere can expand if we are interested in helping people.

Just as I do not want to scare off the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, I also do not want to scare off people in my life. Just as the bee is attracted to the lavender for sweetness, can we show “sweetness” to people during these pandemic times?

Photos teach us about sweetness!