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We do not usually consider bees as fuzzy creatures. Most of us think about the stinger on a bee and wanting to get away from this flying insect.

This photograph shows us the softer side of the bee with it fuzzy exterior. It reminds of a cuddly stuffed animal since this bee is round in shape. The photo also shows the bee’s wings in action and the long pair of antennae on top of the bee’s head.

This bee has a nice orange chunk of pollen collected in its pollen baskets on the hind legs. Bees are goal oriented to take care of the needs of their hive. I do not know where their hive is, but the bees are pretty regular to return to sip from my flowers.

It is important for us to also show our “fuzzy” side to other people. Do we show compassion? Do we seek to help people with their needs if it is within our capabilities or if we have the resources? Or are we too focused on our own world to be sensitive to the needs of our family, friends or other people we are in contact with.

Let’s hope the people in our lives see our fuzzy nature and not our “stinger”.

Photos Teach!