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This hummingbird was shot recently, as I was waiting patiently for his visit. He was circling around my backyard trying to decide which flower to drink from. I love hanging out in my backyard to see which of my new friends will show up. If I am still, he may come up close to take a quick look at me. He doesn’t like my big zoom lens. But I hope he is getting accustomed to seeing it.

This hummingbird posed perfectly for my photograph. I am learning how to shoot quickly to catch the bird as it is seeking nectar. I love the pointed triangular wings and the green back side and tail. The green perfectly matches the leaves on these plants.

What is the perfect pose? A perfect pose is a natural position of the subject. The perfect pose also tells us something about the subject. This hummingbird’s perfect pose shows us how he is looking at the flowers for his nectar snack.

I am envious of this hummingbird’s perfect pose. He looks so straight and perfect. He does not look like he will encounter any backaches or neck pain. I realize my natural pose is not ergonomically correct. I tend to slouch, and my neck is not as erect as it should be. Thus I have experienced neck and back aches occasionally.

Humans have to work on our natural pose for photographs by standing erect and to correct our stance to look good. If we are moving or doing an activity, then our pose will be more natural. Having good posture will save us from pain agony, as we grow older.

Seeing this hummingbird’s perfect pose is a good reminder to me how I need to practice a perfect pose to correct and prevent future pain. Also a perfect pose might give me an extra inch of height if I will stand up straight.

Photos give good reminders!