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I feel very blessed to spend time bird watching these hummingbirds in the comfort of my backyard.

My love for hummingbirds goes back 20 to 30 years ago. 20 to 30 years ago, I set up hummingbird feeders, since they worked logistically in my home. I did not shoot photographs since the feeders were by our windows. So there was a reflection from the window as well as its location which prevented me from photographing the hummingbirds who came to enjoy the sugar water.

I enjoyed watching the hummingbirds visit our feeders, but did not pursue ideas how to photograph the birds in action. Since I was working as a photographer for an electronic retail corporation, I did not seriously consider expanding my photography skills to shoot nature.

As my professional career evolved with this retail corporation closing, my professional photography job ended. I obtain other employment which ended after a number of years due to budget issues.

So when one door closes, we learn to welcome new opportunities to learn and roll with life changes.

Currently, I enjoy sitting in my backyard and waiting patiently for my new hummingbirds friends to come for their meals from my flowers. I get energized during my time watching and shooting the creatures who visit my garden. I can identify this bird’s ecstasy.

Creating my own environment to shoot pictures is a work in progress. I am so excited to watch the changing environment with the different birds, bees and butterflies.

What is your passion that makes you excited or experience ecstasy?

I learned don’t give up on past loves or interests. But consider how to build ideas and projects based on your passions. Maybe you have more time during your pandemic life. If this is true, do you have time to go back to old passions and consider how you can convert these loves into goals or projects?

Pandemic life is difficult. But can we grow pursuing our passions to experience ecstasy and excitement with achievements of new goals?

Photos inspire excitement and ecstasy!