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1/8000 sec shutter speed

1/2000 sec shutter speed

Here’s my buddy – the green back hummingbird. I shot these photos a couple of weeks ago. The hummingbird’s wings in the first shot have an interesting orientation as it is flying. The pattern in the top wing is so symmetrically perfect and almost resembles a flower with petals.  The bottom wing reminds me of a pretty fan.

With my 2 photographs, you can see the difference in the appearance of the wings with the 2 different shutter speeds. The slower shutter speed in the 2nd picture shows the blur as the bird is moving his wings. Whereas in the top photo, the wings are much sharper in the image.

I am having a blast hummingbird watching in my backyard. The bird’s green speckled pattern on the back is fascinating with its brightness. Capturing these shots allows me to observe the bird more carefully, since this bird moves quickly.

It’s been nice to live at a little slower pace during this pandemic life. We keep busy, but no longer go places as we did in our pre-pandemic life. We do our essential errands like our grocery shopping. No more parties. We missed weddings and funerals. We do not go out to see movies. We do not go out with our friends.

Living at a slower pace does have advantages. It allows me time to watch and photograph these hummingbirds. Ironically, I need the fast shutter speed to capture the perfect action poses.

I am learning there are times we need to slow down to observe and reflect. When I go to my yard to watch the birds, I sit still in my chair and wait for the birds to come. I do not want to scare the birds away if I am moving too much. I try to wear clothes that will not scare the birds away. I usually spend about 1 to 2 hours waiting and observing the birds. This is my time to slow down, observe and reflect. I feel refreshed after these photography bird shoots.

But when I photograph these birds, I am learning I need a fast shutter speed to capture these fast moving birds in action. The shutter speed needs to be fast for the sharper image.

What is the lessons learned from these photographs? We all need to know when we should slow down and when to be fast. I know I could be lethargic if I only lived a slow paced life. We all need challenges and goals to get us going to move faster. There are times we need to get out of our comfy chairs and make ourselves run.

This pandemic has caused many people a lot of hardship and a slower pace due to losses of employment, business, income and companionship. But I hope we can strive to accept the hard challenges to creatively speed up to overcome our obstacles.

Hopefully, we will fly high and fast like my hummingbird friends to new achievements to overcome the challenges from this pandemic.

Photos Teach!