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Extremely fast and agile Humming Birds are challenging to photograph as they can turn on a dime when they accelerate to fly away quickly. Since the birds are attracted to the flowers for nourishment, the birds pause to feast which allows the opportunity to photograph them.

These birds fly with great agility and maneuver around the garden so gracefully. Seeing how speedy they are is a challenge for me as a photographer.

The birds remind me how the military jets also maneuver around the skies. 

I love to watch the flight patterns of these birds and miss not seeing the Blue Angels this year at Fleet Week.

This bird sure enjoys sucking out the nectar. It is analogous to how I love to drink from a straw in a thick milkshake. I appreciate the inventor of the straw. Not sure if he got the idea from a hummingbird drinking nectar.

It does remind me how man sought to copy the flight of birds and desired to make a way for man to fly. Thus, we are fortunate for the inventors, designers and engineers who developed our air travel.

Observations of nature and our diverse habitat allows us to imagine new ideas and be creative to apply their practices to improve our life. 

What other ideas can we create or design as we observe nature? 

Photos can inspire us to imagine!