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I love this Anna’s Hummingbird.  His deep ruby colored throat is so bright. Notice the translucent wing shows the color of the flowers in the background. This wing looks like a pretty fan. It is interesting to note the male birds display brighter colors compared to the female counterparts.

The hummingbirds need to drink lots of nectar to keep up their energy. I was weeding in the garden toward the evening. I noticed the hummingbirds sweeping in to get their last meals before retiring to sleep.

I can identify with the hummingbirds need for nourishment. When I was young, I had a pretty good appetite and could devour a lot of food. I enjoy a variety of food and have learned to cook more with my wife. I am not too picky about food but have acquired additional favorites to add to my list of food. I do get hungry quickly too like the hummingbird, But over the years, I’ve learned I cannot devour the large amount of food as in my younger days. Even though I eat a good amount of food at dinner, I am often hungry by bedtime. But I rarely eat bedtime snacks now.

I am trying to maintain my walking steps to be between 14,000 to 25,000 per day. I realize I need to keep moving to burn calories. I imagine these hummingbirds have a high metabolism, which is why they need to keep drinking the flower nectar.

I am walking to burn calories, so I do not get too heavy. The hummingbirds are cruising to drink nectar to get more energy for their movement.

Interesting irony.

Too bad I cannot move as fast as the hummingbirds to burn more calories.

The hummingbirds can teach us the importance of being active and to cruise for good energy food.

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