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Here’s a flashback photo of the Scoreboard at Candlestick Park in 1988. The centerfield TV camera was mounted near the base of the scoreboard. This was the General Admission area of Candlestick, and the ticket prices were the most affordable. I have tickets stubs with the price of $2.50 for a General Admission ticket in 1988. Those were the days. These tickets were from a few of the games that I attended in 1988. I took this picture sitting in the front of the General Admission area behind the Centerfield fence in 1988.

It is interesting how tickets have changed since 1988. We don’t have to display a paper ticket for entrance into an event. We can show a computer printed paper with the scan code to enter. Or we can show our ticket scan code from our smart phone.

Things we take for granted eventually will be considered archaic. How many younger people will never use an actual paper ticket. Or it seems the term of “ticket” will not be needed since we only need to show our scan code.

Technology gives us continuous change. So now we do need to hold a paper ticket.

But I think I prefer having a paper ticket. If I did not photograph these old tickets, I would not have recorded the actual old price of a ticket was $2.50.

It’s good to keep mementos of the past to appreciate our history. I love the memories of being able to walk into Candlestick Park and not worry about the price of entrance. The price made it possible anyone to enjoy the SF Giants play baseball.

Baseball should be available for everyone to watch live. There is nothing like the excitement generated by fans watching the game.

I’m sure the price of going to a live game will go up after the losses from this pandemic.

But it is nice to remember once upon a time when a game was cheap and affordable to everyone.

Photos Remember!