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It’s pretty exciting to watch this red head in the garden. I am guessing this is a male hummingbird due to the vibrant ruby red head and throat. His forward fan-like wings look like they are reaching forward toward his nectar feast. When I am watching the hummingbirds in the backyard, I usually cannot see exactly how they move their wings due to their quick motion. But capturing their poses in pictures allows me to examine their wing formations.

I am also getting accustomed to hearing their high pitched singing. My wife and I went out on an errand and were walking backing to our car and I kept hearing the high pitch sound coming from a hummingbird. I heard the hummingbird a few times and asked if my wife could hear the bird. It was too high pitched, and she did not know how to recognize the sound.

This red head points his long beak directly into the center of the flower. It must be nice to have a long straw attached to easily drink your meal. The birds come and go from the garden as they please. They know where an easy meal is available.

I try to make a date with the hummingbirds around lunch time when the sun is the brightest to get better lighting for my photographs. I ask my wife if I can go out to the backyard, and she never says no to these dates. It’s nice this is a red-head I am allowed to attentively watch and listen to without getting into any type of trouble.

Taking the photographs of the hummingbirds is teaching me how to be sensitive to learn who these birds are. These lessons requires time for these bird dates. It requires observation. It requires freezing their actions via pictures to catch a moment of their quick movements. It requires patience to wait for them to come to visit.

I realize how I need to practice these lessons with the people in my life as well with others I encounter. Exercising sensitivity during this pandemic times is needed more than ever now.

As I have been feeding and observing the red head in my garden, I also need to learn to feed the needs of others.

Photos Capture Emotions expressed thru Actions!