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I took these series of rapid fire pictures of this Hummingbird in our yard. This probably only took 2 seconds or less. It’s amazing to see the range of motion on the hummingbird’s wings. Depending on the angle of the wings shows a different reflection and color from the sunlight. I love looking at the pointed wings stretching horizontally straight out. The circular motion of the wings shows off a variety of poses.

The green camouflage back is so pretty as it glistens with the sunlight. This bird moves so gracefully as it stays afloat to drink the flower nectar.

Did you ever play with a flip book? I had a Disney flip book as a child. I would flip the pages quickly to see how Donald Duck moved in the various pictures.

I put together my 2 seconds of photographs into this slide show to mimic the flip book. It is a slower version to observe the movement of this hummingbird.

Many of us are too busy to bird watch. I never did much bird watching before this pandemic. There were always chores to do at home. There were places to go, and people to see. I did not spend much time in the backyard other than when I absolutely had to clean up the weed and overgrown plants.

Now my world has changed. I cannot physically go to church. I cannot go to parties nor visit friends. We cannot host dinner parties. We cannot go to the movies.

But my refuge has become to watch these hummingbirds. My 2 seconds of rapid fire photographs allow me to take my time to watch their movement. Even when I sit in the yard and watch them move, I cannot catch all the details of their movement. They move too fast for me to see all of their moves.

I’m learning a slower pace can be a good thing. Going slower allows us to reflect or notice details we would miss if we are rushing.

The Pandemic is teaching lessons I would not have learned otherwise.

Photos Capture Details!