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Here’s another slow motion slide show to show us hummingbird’s moves. Normally a hummingbird moves pretty fast. It is hard to catch all the wing moves and the bird’s facial expressions. I never thought too much about a bird’s facial expressions until my recent photography dates with my new friends.

This pretty purple speckled neck hummingbird has some funny eye expressions. Did you notice how his eyes were wide open, dilated with ecstasy, half opened and closed?

His eye expression makes me curious if this bird was just happy to drink the nectar. And was the nectar extra sweet? Was this bird extra hungry and famished to eat? Did the bird just burn a lot of calories flying around and appreciated this snack break?

Do we pay attention to our family and friends’ facial expressions? Are we sensitive to what a person’s face is telling us regardless what the verbal conversation is?

I do not have a poker face. My face shows my emotions. For example, we went on a tropical family vacation tour. One of our resort hotel stops had a turtle shaped swimming pool. The weather was humid and hot. I am not really a water person. But my wife convinced me we should use the pool, since the weather was so hot. Well once I got into the pool, the expression on my face showed my relief and delight. My wife said my face looked so pleased with the coolness of the water. I felt so refreshed being in the water.

Do we notice our “people’ with expressions of “Pandemic Stress”? This Pandemic is causing many of us to be on edge. As I interact with my neighbors, I do sense everyone feels stress and irritations from our new lifestyles.

Let’s not be so callous or busy to ignore the expressions of the people around us. Being sensitive is the first step to offering help to someone.

Noticing a hummingbird’s eyes should remind us to look into the eyes of the people in our life.

Photos capture the look of interesting eyes!