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The day after Thanksgiving was a day of getting up early to catch the Black Friday specials. Shopping was the physical exercise after over indulging our Thanksgiving feasts. Family, friends and food are the 3 “F”s which are characteristic of this wonderful holiday. Unfortunately, this year we probably had less of our normal 3 “F”s, since we were warned not to gather to spread COVID.

Yesterday, we did need to cook our Thanksgiving comfort foods. We prepped our large turkey which was a little smaller than what we cook for 30-40 people. It was still large, since we provided food for my parents and brother. We normally never have any turkey leftovers, since our relatives enjoy taking home the leftovers. So if we are going to roast a turkey, we might as well enjoy the leftovers for a change.

We made our favorite side dishes of sweet potatoes with marshmallows, roasted brussel sprouts, fresh cranberry sauce and Chinese sticky rice with Chinese bacon and sausage. Surprising from Wednesday to Thursday, we finished cooking everything in time for my brother to pick up the feast, even with our big mess of spilling the overflowing turkey juice from the pan.

Normally, I would feel like the way this bee looks – round, plump and happy. Our custom has been to celebrate with about 30-40 relatives and share a Thanksgiving potluck. We have been roasting the turkey for the family. There is an overload of variety. It is a fun time of feasting and fellowship. This probably is the first time we all could not meet together. I did not eat as much since I cooked so much and was tired from the work. It was still worth it to eat my favorites.

The bee is happily flying around to gather its pollen and nectar. It enjoys the sweetness of the flowers to become healthy round and joyful. This bee is fast. I shot this photo at 1/8000 of a second. I still could catch the quickness of his wings.

I wish I could move with this speed with a round body. The bee is quick to gather pollen to bring back to his hive family.

It reminds me during this Thanksgiving time how we need to be quick to express our Gratitude to God and to those we care about. This pandemic has been teaching me to be quick to appreciate the moments in life. After Thanksgiving, it is normal for us to feel lethargic from over indulging.

Nevertheless, we need to emulate to be like the bee. Can we feel happy to feed or help those around us. When we gave the meal to my brother to bring to my parents, he expressed it was a fancy meal. It may have taken us time to prepare the meal, and we sacrificed a day to cook for our family. But it is important to show an expression of our care for our family.

Bees are constantly taking care of their hives. This bee is pretty adorable being fuzzy, round and fast.

Who do we need to take care of? Be adorable with our after-Thanksgiving roundness and figure out who you can give care to.

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