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The weather has been cool and sunny in my backyard. When there is sunshine, there is a 2 hour window when the lighting is perfect to shoot photographs. So the sunshine motivates me to get myself outside to visit my flying friends.

This Red Admiral Butterfly is one of my favorite butterflies. It flew into my yard and hung around for about an hour. It even seemed to take a short nap around my flowers.

It was nice to pose for me upside down with it wings wide open. The antennae are perfectly up and straight. The butterfly is strong yet delicate. The bright yellow orange pattern almost looks like the outline of a turkey’s wings looking at the center dark brown tan colors. I am thinking a lot about turkey, as I am eating my delicious leftovers.

Our world seems like it is upside down with this pandemic, racial injustice, and economic hardships. This butterfly does not mind being upside down, since it can flip and be right side up again. It flies quickly and with ease.

We can be reassured there is a way to be right side up again. I was listening to the news where a scientific expert was exclaiming how amazing how a vaccine is available soon in such a short amount of time. In the past, vaccines can take years to be developed. This expert marveled at the relatively quick development of these vaccines.

This butterfly reminds me it may not be as big a hurdle for any of us to get right side up again.

Can we float and fly right side up like a butterfly to new heights?

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