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I took this picture many years ago with black and white Kodak T-Max high speed 35mm film. This explains the large grain in the picture. I was in the right field pavilion section. Battling practice ended and the grounds crew were preparing the field for the game between the SF Giants and the Chicago Cubs.

Since this picture was shot as batting practice ended, the upper deck is still empty since it is before the game started. The crowd in the lower decks are the fans who came early to watch batting practice.

Bayview Park is behind Candlestick Park. Candlestick Park was not in the best part of town. It will be interesting how long it will take to build anything in the old location of the Stick.

This pandemic is causing economic turmoil for many businesses. There was discussion of creating a mall in this area. I have not gone to any shopping mall since this pandemic began. I’ve only gone to one retail store which is 5 minutes from my house. I only go to buy food or for other important errands.

Looking back at my old Candlestick Park photographs reminds me how much fun it was to watch live sports. Even watching the 49ers versus the Rams play on 11/29/2020 in LA is good, but not the same as live football.

During our pandemic crisis, the 49ers are now banned from playing in Levi’s Stadium due our purple status in Santa Clara until at least December 21, 2020.

Since we are banned from any games due to the pandemic, at least I can look back at my different stadium pictures to remember and dream what it was like to be at the Stick to enjoy a live game.

We all need to keep old photos since we never know what will change to prevent us from going to a place we always thought was available to us.

Photos remind us to be prepared for the unexpected!