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Hummingbird is doing a fan dance while drinking nectar. The shutter speed was set for 1/4000 sec. See the quick flutter of the hummingbird’s wings. The wings still have a slight flurry in the photo due to the speed of movement. This was a pretty fast fan dance.

The shiny green camouflaged back seems surreal in the reflection of light and the pretty black shaded pattern.  It is nice this bird is naturally decked out in a shiny outfit for the dance.

This hummingbird went straight into the Cuphea Vermillionaire flower purchased from the Sloat Garden Center to drink the sweet nectar. The bird drank from this flower for about a couple of seconds. It is difficult to photograph these birds since they are always moving quickly.

It is nice the hummingbird is happy with simple pleasures like sweet flower nectar. The bird can do the happy fan dance to express his joy. The bird is enjoying his own personal party with dancing and drinking.

Being home during this pandemic teaches us to enjoy the simple pleasures while sheltering in place. Our family has a good time eating together for our meals. We are discovering new favorites to cook and eat together. More recently, I am enjoying football while eating my turkey sandwich with avocado.

Simple pleasures are the best. Unfortunately, I cannot do any fan dance to express my happiness when I eat delicious food. My dancing is pretty comical compared to the artistry of the hummingbird’s fan dance.

Photos Teach!