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Butterflies are a little easier than hummingbirds to photograph. Hummingbirds are always on the move. Butterflies will take a short nap in my garden. They pause on the flower and do not rush around like the hummingbirds when they visit my backyard.

Since butterflies are not very big, I cannot see all their detail. Looking back at these pictures, I can take my time to examine the butterfly’s face by looking back at the photo. Do you notice the butterfly’s long tongue sucking on the flower nectar? Notice the butterfly’s fuzz. I love the long antennae. See the butterfly’s eyes.

The bright yellow orange and deeper orange colors of the 2 butterflies are pretty cool. I love their natural stripe designs on the wings.

How did I catch the butterfly’s face in the second photo? In photography terms, I shot with “select focus” meaning I focused to get a clear shot of the face. By doing this, the body behind the face was not as focused. So I selected what I wanted to focus on with my camera to get the clearer shot.

In our old life, we would see lots of people as we walked the street. We saw people at work. We see people on public transportation. But do we look into the faces of people to empathize or notice who they are? Do we see the faces of the people we live with to understand their problems and emotions? When we visit with family we do not live with or friends, do we examine their faces to see the hidden messages they do not want to talk about.

Let’s “select focus” to notice other people’s faces to understand who they are and empathize.

Photos Teach!