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Bumblebees have super fast moving wings. I photographed at 1/8000 of a second and still could not freeze the motion of these wings! Can you imagine being that fast? It is interesting the orientation of the top wing. The bottom wing is a little blurred due to its quick movement.

This bee is also bent around the middle and his rear end is pointed down. This bee is getting ready to fly out. It was interesting how he stretched out before flying out. I never really paid attention how fuzzy Bumblebees are.

I am pretty amazed how fast the bee’s wings move. My challenge is to see if I can catch a sharp picture of the wings. Not sure if this is possible since I shot at 1/8000 of a second. It will depend if I can catch a bee who slows down a little. My bee’s wing photos show the wings mostly tucked under when they are not moving.

This pandemic has given many of us big challenges. Many challenges are from our circumstances and environment. We get stressed with the current increase of COVID cases. In California, we will be facing new stay at homes rules to follow. Many feel pandemic fever, but will have to deal with these feelings with the additional restrictions.

Since we all face this pandemic stress, I am learning I need to choose my own personal challenges. Shooting cool photographs of the bees, hummingbirds and butterflies is my challenge and goal. I am attempting to figure out a strategy for my garden photography to shoot these creature models. I purchased this perennial flowering plant at the Sloat Garden Center to help with my pollinating friends.

Choosing our own personal challenges as goals to achieve could be the answer to deal with the circumstantial challenges we face. None of us chose this pandemic life. This virus happened, and we need to live with these circumstances and consequences. But we can choose our own challenges to improve ourselves or our situations.

Photos Teach!