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I took these series of pictures and didn’t realize that a bug had crawled from the Cuphea Vermillionaire flower onto the Hummingbird’s beak until I reviewed the pictures on my computer. The bug had crawled from the beak to the head until it got near the Hummingbird’s eye ,and he shook the bug off. You can see the bug flying off in the last two pictures.

What does this bug on the head remind you of? This bird tried to continue feasting on the nectar regardless of the bug on his head. But that bug would not leave him alone. The bird had to finally shake his head to get rid of the pesky bug.

It was pretty interesting when Vice President Pence continued in the debate while the fly was on his head. Perhaps he was unaware the fly was there on his hair. He played cool to ignore the pesky fly and continue with his rhetoric. Observers had a good laugh watching the fly travel on the Vice President’s head. His patience with the fly did pay off where the fly finally left. Sometimes we shoo a fly away, and it keeps coming back to bother us.

What is our reaction when we are faced with a problem which is irritating and bugs us? Do we try to make it go away by shaking the problem away? Shooing a problem to make it go away may not be a permanent solution. Being patient to find an answer to a problem may take more time but is better than having the problem return.

How do you handle the bugs in your life? Do we try to shake off these bugs? Or do we patiently work on a solution.

Photos Teach!