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I shot this photograph of this bird in my yard in December 2020. He was resting on our fence and enjoying the view. It was only during this year that I started watching birds in my backyard. I mostly see the hummingbirds feasting on the nectar from the flowers.

Even though this bird does not have the bright colors as the hummingbirds, this bird is dark and handsome! I tried to identify this bird, but so far I did not find a picture to identify him yet.

We all hope 2021 will be better than 2020. There were many disappointments due to this past pandemic year. We will wait to see how the vaccines will work, and we will hope to be free to go out and see people again.

What goals and plans are possible and realistic for 2021? I am cautiously optimistic about this new year.

A realistic goal for me is to learn more about birds. The hummingbirds come up close to me and buzz me as I sit in the backyard waiting for their visits. As I examine and observe my pictures, the details of the birds amaze me.

Does anyone recognize this bird? I would appreciate anyone leaving a comment to this post to inform me of this bird’s name. This bird is living near the beach in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Knowing someone’s names is important. Identification is the first step in getting to know someone. Do we forget people’s names after meeting someone new? 2020 was a year when we may not have met too many new people, since we spent a bulk of time at home. Meeting someone virtually is different than actually facing a person.

Will we remember how to interact with new people when we are let out free into the world? What will that day be like when we can walk around without a mask?

When the day comes and we can go out without a mask, let’s look forward to meeting new people and remembering their name is the first step to know them.

Can you identify this bird? Identification is always important. Thank you if you can tell me who is this bird.

Photos identify!