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Peaceful Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada

As we witnessed the Capital Building attacked by protestors, our nation was upset and outraged. No matter what political party one is associated with, there is no justification of this type of protest or event. Seeing the picture of a protester invading Nancy Pelosi’s office and sitting in her chair is just not right. Yes we can agree to disagree. But our disagreements do not justify the actions.

I mentioned in a recent blog post how I am cautiously optimistic about 2021. After today’s events in Washington D.C., I am shifting to being a little less optimistic about the new year. Since the pandemic started, we’ve experienced a list of unfortunate and upsetting events. The unexpected is becoming our normal. How do we deal with this stress?

We need to find a physical and a spiritual place to retreat. Creating my backyard oasis, so I can safely retreat to enjoy nature and photograph pictures, has been a refuge for me. My wife reminds me that I need to spend more time praying away my stress in my backyard retreat. God even answered my prayers by giving me this place I dreamed about 25 years ago so I could shoot pictures of hummingbirds, butterflies and bees in a natural setting.

The weather is a little cold and wet. I was glued to the news to watch the events in our nation’s capital. Fortunately, I have my nature pictures to review and take me away from the stress of the nation’s events.

How do you spell relief from the stress of life’s events? Never would we have dreamed about the situations we are facing today with a worldwide pandemic accompanied with an abundance of American political and racial drama with violence.

Individually and physically, we may be limited in what we can do to change these situations other than just staying home as much as we can to be safe. SIP has meant to be “Sheltering in Place”. Another meaning we could use for SIP is “Sheltering in Prayer”.

Maybe all this disruption is meant to bring us to our knees to pray for peace and relief. Can we pray away our stress by trusting in God to provide peace?

When I look at my nature pictures, they reminds me God is the Creator and can provide peace in the midst of our current storms.

Photos spell relief to de-stress!