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The Opening Night pregame lineup for the 1991 season with the San Francisco Giants facing the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Giants’ manager Roger Craig is seen greeting the Dodger’s manager, Tommy Lasorda. The rivalry between the teams is intense but for the introduction of the line-up, it was on the lighter side.

SF Giants fans will miss Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager, Tommy Lasorda. Despite the rivalry between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants, SF Giants fans had fun watching Tommy Lasorda.

SF Giants fans loved booing Tommy Lasorda, and he loved blowing kisses to the booing fans at Candlestick Park. It was very entertaining to watch. This was a ritual whenever Tommy Lasorda visited the Stick. I appreciated his excellent attitude in receiving the boo’s. Tommy Lasorda taught us how to exhibit good sportsmanship.

It was natural for this Dodger coach to get mad when the players did not perform. He would get angry and yell at players to play better. But we all need to hear the yelling to push to the limits for the best performance. We all need someone to cheer and criticize us to be our best. A good coach will suggest us to try new things to improve. Old routines are good. But change is constant, and we need to change too.

A few years ago, I was encouraged to start this blog. I was not too keen to showing my photographs online. I did not think there would be interest in my photography. Creating a website was a challenge. It was a big hurdle and challenge that I was not willing to attempt initially. It was a learning experience, and we are still learning how to do a better blog. We are learning to express our thoughts and revelations to show off my photographs. If people in my life did not encourage and coach me in different ways, I would not have started this blog. It is still a challenge. But I learned the more work I do on my photography, I do reap rewards. It has been a step by step journey. It is a work of faith not knowing where the journey will lead.

Tommy Lasorda’s good attitude and fighting spirit is an example to all of us. We need to smile at adversity, even as he welcomed the SF Giants fans boo greetings. Welcoming challenges will help us to push to win. Welcoming rivalry encourages us to be our best.

Tommy Lasorda deserves us blowing him kisses to say “Good Bye”. He also earned our respect to follow his excellent attitude example.

Photos remember a great icon!