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Six years ago, these flowers grew naturally in our backyard. I shot this photograph of these flowers in 2015. It was nice that I did not have to tend to these flowers. The color was vibrant. Our yard had been landscaped previously, and these flowers were probably planted in the original design. Unfortunately, when we had the drought years, then the flowers eventually died off.

The rain has not been overly abundant this season. It looks like this could be a drought year. In 2015, I was not spending time in the backyard as I am doing currently. What am I going to do to preserve the flowers and plants if we have a drought?

Lack of resources whether it is money, food, housing, or water is a problem for many individuals especially during this pandemic life. I am trying to ponder how I will water my garden if there is not an abundance of rain. I do save shower water for the garden. My wife is suggesting to collect rain water, even if it is not too much.

Planting drought resistance flowers which attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds is also another option to consider. Since my garden has been my refuge from the pandemic, I am determined to figure out a way to preserve my flowers and plants.

During this pandemic life, we all are facing a variety of problems. But which problem are you determined to find a solution? I need to create a list of options to try. My parents taught me to create a variety of backup plans, if an initial plan does not work. This has been a valuable lesson to have alternatives to find a solution.

These flowers are vibrant and pretty in color. I miss these flowers and am glad I have the photographs to remind me of their beauty. The photograph also reminds me due to drought, and my neglect to find a solution for watering during a drought resulted in their demise.

Stay tuned to see what my future plans to maintain my garden will be. I am looking forward to see what my plans will be too.

Photos give lessons from past failures.