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Have you seen a Costa Rican spider? This spider’s length was about the size of my fist. So I did not use a macro lens to take this picture. This spider is long and thin.

This is a golden orb weaver spider. I spotted this spider as we were hiking in the rainforest in Costa Rica. It’s yellow striped legs popped out to me.

A big spider needs a big web. It was probably 5 to 6 feet in diameter. it is good that this spider is in Costa Rica and not living near us. My wife hates spiders.

We’ve been home for 10 months now, and we are getting a tired of this routine. Even though we do not physically see too many people, we feel the stress of our nation’s conflicts. We feel stress from being home for such a long time. We are losing our patience with one another in our family due to being together a little too much.

So my wife says let’s think about a future blog post. We go and look at my collection of pictures and see this happy spider in his big web home. This photograph diverts our attention to this interesting creature. Our stress level decreases. The spider reminds us about this happy time on vacation seeing all the different creatures in Costa Rica. 

Maybe we are a little like this spider who is stuck on his web home. One day, we will get immunized. Hopefully, the vast population will be immunized, and we will be free to leave our homes to enjoy vacations, restaurants, and parties.

What photographs make you happy and forget current circumstances?

Display photographs which draw your attention to another place and time. We all need a diversion from our pandemic life.

Photos make us happy!