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I photographed this Bumblebee recently sitting on a leaf and taking a break and feasting on some Meyer Lemon Nectar from the flower. She was also helping to pollinate the flowers. I had to be quick to shoot this picture. The bumblebee was only there for about a minute. It is interesting how the bumblebee planted herself down in this sitting position. Then she curved her body over the lemon blossom to properly positioned herself to get a good sucking of the nectar. She even had her legs hanging out on the side of the leaf. It is pretty amusing to see the bumblebee chowing down for the quick sweet snack.

This reminds me when I could enjoy chowing down at a buffet. Periodically, my buddy and I would go to a buffet for lunch to enjoy a variety of Chinese and other Asian food. I can identify with this bee’s sitting to be comfortable as she had her short feast. Even though over the years, I have modified the amount of food I eat at a buffet. I am more selective, and I do not have to try every single food in the buffet. There was a time I had to absolutely eat at buffets in Las Vegas. But now I do not feel this necessity. I do not go to Las Vegas very often. But now I prefer choosing a restaurant based on what I am craving to eat. Also since the buffet prices are higher now, this contributes to my change in preferences of restaurants. 

I do love the variety of food choices at a buffet. Eating at a buffet gave my friend and I an excuse to spend time together in the midst of our work and family. I do miss going out with friends and eating at restaurants. I have not done any outdoor dining. The temperature in my neighborhood is never too warm, so it is not as inviting to sit outside to eat.

Who knows what is the future of buffets after the pandemic? 

At least, I have been enjoying cooking and eating food at home. I can do this chow down pose in the privacy of my home to enjoy good food. Let’s see how long it will be when I can go out with my good buddy to enjoy a meal at a restaurant.

Photos show fun eating poses!