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This Bumblebee was approaching a Lobelia Gerardii Vedrarien Cardinal Flower for nectar. I photographed her at 1/8000 of a second.

The side black wing on this bee is cool. I associate black wings with a DC or Marvel super hero. Even though this bee is not attacking the flower with its antennae, it makes an interesting fantasy story with these black wings. This bumblebee has a nice mostly black body. The coloring just adds to the ominous appearance.

A few years ago, my friends and I had a blast watching Ant Man. Maybe one day someone will create “The Stinger” – a superhero who has the ability to sting and stun for protection against bad guys. He would have super wings to fly fast like a bee. It might be a little funny to see this superhero in a fuzzy black and yellow suit.

This photograph would be perfect to show off this new super hero with the greenish lighted background and bee centered approaching the flower.

A good photograph should allow us to use our imagination and take us to a fantasy world. We all want to escape our current reality. We need to use our imagination to create a better reality. We can use our imagination to be creative with our reality to find solutions.

So if we ever see a movie called “The Stinger”, remember you saw the idea in this blog post first.

Photos encourage our imagination!